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Kingdom of Ternate and Tidore ~ ​​In the Moluccas, there are two kingdoms were influential, namely Ternate and Tidore. Ternate kingdom consists of five regional alliance, namely Ternate, Obi, Bacan, Seram, Ambon, (called Uli Lima) as its leaders are Ternate. The Tidore consisting of nine units of state called Uli Siwa consists of Makyan, Jailolo, … Read more

Bojonegoro – America has a rich Texas oil. Indonesia, not least because it has Texas Wonocolo in Bojonegoro, new tourist destinations themed petroleum. Traveler who likes jeprat-snap surely be thrilled when visiting tourism village Migas or GeoPark in Wonocolo, District Kedewan, Bojonegoro, East Java. Regent Suyoto seems keen to see what is needed and photography … Read more