After releasing several teaser since the beginning of 2016, Oppo finally officially introduced its latest smartphone called “OPPO F1”. This smartphone comes with a camera of excellence in the sector, and has a premium design with a cast metal body combined layers of glass Gorilla Glass 4. While the specification kitchen spur, relying on … Read more

  Competition between Xiaomi and Lenovo to the new round, the article both are released the entry-level smartphone with a very high specification. Where Lenovo released the “LEMON 3” and Xiaomi released “redmi 3”. Both of these entry-level smartphone, equally rely on Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 chipset combined to produce a 2GB Ram mulitasking faster performance, … Read more

  Special promotions nationwide program period from February to July 2016 of Mandiri Tunas Finance IIMS 2016 was brought to the floor. mobilwow – There Discount Car Purchase Loan From Mandiri Tunas Finance Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2016 towards the last days until closing on Sunday, April 17th. Perhaps it is time determine after … Read more

  In 2013, when President Joko Widodo still serving as governor of Jakarta, Jokowi been uneasy with the conditions of Jakarta Legal Bureau. Therefore, the Jakarta Legal Bureau is often lost when dealing with cases. Jokowi had intended to hold a number of professional lawyers to help deal with legal cases involving the city government. … Read more

  Bad odor and kotonya fish pond is something that many people hated when developing freshwater fish farming. If we are creative, then the smell and the dirt will not be a significant problem, instead it can bring benefits and other benefits. utilizing waste fish pond for Aquaponics Fish waste which often creates problems because … Read more

  This time the information is about Stone Ring Prophet Muhammad. there are unique because of our Prophet Muhammad that Muslims. A prophet who informs receive revelation from God to be delivered to mankind about religion that really came from God. The uniqueness of this prophet that he was also a man wearing a ring … Read more

  Who does not know the black-dark-creamy-sweet-savory-delicious this? Who can forget the memories of his gentle taste tempting the petis this? On the sidelines of fried tofu … .hhhmmm … .rasa legit-savory aroma of shrimp powerful swing tongue …. Paste is a component in Indonesian cuisine made from byproducts of processing thin foods (usually of … Read more