control your heart. Pay attention to your heart rate. If you notice chest pain or have trouble breathing, stop and rest Hydrate before, during and after. It is important that you maintain proper hydration levels before you start walking, along the route, and then when you arrive at the final stage. Remember to hydrate well … Read more

Bachelor capital argue that there is a direct relationship between their presence in the community and the good performance of state institutions and the market. Establish that relationship, a virtuous circle that promotes public confidence in public institutions and encourage the culture of democratic solidarity and cooperation will be created. As in the vision of … Read more

Stress, obesity, eating disorders, toxic habits, medications … several factors conspire to make it difficult for many couples to achieve pregnancy is desired. But because there are guidelines that help. To achieve this, prospective parents should avoid certain behaviors rather than inserting a series of healthy habits. Dr. Victoria Verdú, coordinator Ginefiv Gynecology Clinic, Reviews. … Read more

Area Health Board exercise in their local region, monitoring and counseling functions are defined in Article 13 of Law 2/1998, dated June 15 Andalusian Health, and in particular, the following: Make recommendations and suggestions related to health policy and health services, to facilitate the practical application of the rights and obligations of the Andalusian Public … Read more